It is a place where many children spend two to three hours daily under the guidance of a couple of teachers. Parents should know that playschools have a lot to offer their children and they are not aimed at developing academic skills which comprise of reading and writing as there is no stress on the performances of children, the main focus is on the sensory motor development and social development of the child. At home parents cannot provide their child with that optimum level education, it can only be offered by a playschool, as in the school teacher’s focus on teaching the children the beha
Education brings many changes in human life; it improves the knowledge, skill, and intelligence of a person and helps them to lead a successful life. Education is useful at every step of life; from kindergarten schools to high university all offer education to the students to make their future bright. Child education is the initial stage of all children as they start going to school to get a primary or elementary education. It is considered as human right for each and every child to get an opportunity to gain education second step of education is the education at colleges, universities, and p
Bareilly is a city which provides many education opportunities to the students as there are many playschools, main schools, colleges, universities and professional institutions available in Bareilly which offer the students to have a chance to get a better education in Bareilly and can make their future bright and successful.
With the degree in commerce field, you can have high job opportunities in many companies and vast businesses as they require a manager or a commerce specialists or at least an accountant. So we can say that gaining a college degree is all about opening up many opportunities in life. People will have options for better paying and high skilled jobs and also the overall stability and happiness to the life of students. It is a pathway to a better career as colleges train students to think analytically and help them to understand complex subject’s .There are many colleges in Bareilly that offer co
Commerce is a stream with the career perspectives, as it can provide job-related to statistics, economics, accounting, and finance. Commerce graduates can apply for jobs in accounting, costing, financial services and banking. The scope is not limited only to finance sector but students can apply for different fields too which include fashion management, government services, law, and mass communication. For example, a B.Com degree can provide you with a strong base for higher education i.e. MBA and also a strong platform for instant job opportunities. Commerce cover up very large part of marke
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• One of the major advantages of it is that all major competitive exams in India are based on the CBSE syllabus exams such as joint entrance exams (IIT-JEE), all India engineering entrance exams (AIEEE), and all India pre medical test (AIPMT).

• CBSE board is much easier than many other boards in respect of fewer subjects and a compact structure. Many secondary subjects are not compulsory under the CBSE pattern, physics, chemistry, biology comes under one part i.e. science and similarly history, civics, geography comes under one part that is a social science.
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