तू इस दुनिया में आया है तूने दिखाई वो कमाई जो तूने अपने वक़्त में कमाया है
मै अपनी कमाई कैसे दिखाऊ क्योकि मुझमे तो पूरा जंहा समाया है
A woman is not limited she is like a ocean. If a woman is healthy, wealthy, well mannered, high educated, independent, problem resolver etc than she will flow her all these awesome qualities to the next generation. And if she will fell so your whole upcoming generation will be automatic fallen. So try to understand a women her responsibility, behavior, dreams, strength, qualities, if you are expecting for good generation. There are many Mumbai Call Girls who know their self. That’s why now they are happy and enjoying their life.
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